We are a group of pro-active people who drive passionate car-detailing to every customer’s car. Our objective is to be the most genuine car-detailing company by giving a sparkling new look to your cars and bikes.

Since the inception of the company in February, 2011, we have a list of more than 2400 satisfied customers. Passion towards giving a sparkling new look to cars and bikes has helped us to enhance our skills and win the trust of  customers.

You ride bikes! You drive car!

It drapes a feeling of joy at heart to ride/drive a new vehicle. Your style, your attitude and your personality transforms, when you be thy owner of your desirable vehicle.

But what to do when your vehicle gets old with time? How can you make your vehicle sustain its brand new look for a long time? The answer is... detailing!

Car-detailing o helps you to keep a timely check of your vehicles exterior and interior conditions. It also ensures the better functionality of the automotive parts with regular cleaning and inspection.

At Pro-care, we treat your car with eco-friendly products, end-to-end valuable services, personalized attention and a sparkling new look for a long time. As car-detailing is not only about car cleaning, so there could be one of these things which might pull you towards car-detailing:

To get the best resale value for your vehicle.


Your love for your car.

So, what are you waiting for? Drive your cars and bikes crazy about you with love and care to make the difference.

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